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Protect Healthcare Heroes – Pass Liability Reform

Congress needs to protect America’s healthcare heroes against frivolous lawsuits so they can continue to care for patients across the country.

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Protect America’s Campuses – Pass Liability Reform

Congress needs to protect colleges against frivolous lawsuits so they can safely reopen and continue shaping America’s next generation of leaders.

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Protect America’s Nonprofits – Pass Liability Reform

Liability reform can protect nonprofits against these frivolous lawsuits so they can continue to help our neighbors in need during these tough times.

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Pennsylvanians need liability protections

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association is calling on lawmakers to enact liability protections for schools. As one board member notes, it is unfair for schools to follow all available public ...

By Ryan Costello
December 3, 2020

Op-Ed: COVID-19-related lawsuits could destroy nonprofits. Congress needs to give them immunity.

All over the country, nonprofit organizations help feed the hungry, provide medical care, protect our environment, empower at-risk youth and meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations through other ...

By Janet Kelly
August 12, 2020

Op-Ed: Keep businesses safe from baseless liability lawsuits

Illinois’ businesses face an uncertain future as COVID-19 continues to spread throughout our communities and our country. From small businesses on Main Street to critical manufacturers, the risks and ambiguity ...

By Laura Crawford
August 11, 2020

Op-Ed: Protect essential businesses from COVID-19 lawsuits

As the birthplace of the assembly line, Michigan has a long and rich manufacturing history. In fact, manufacturers have always been the backbone of our economy, providing jobs for our ...

By John Walsh
August 9, 2020

Op-Ed: Liability safe harbor needed for safe, sustainable reopening

Since the beginning of the covid-19 crisis, Pittsburghers from across the region — including our region’s manufacturers, hospitals, small businesses and nonprofits — continue to come together to look for ways ...

By Matt Smith
August 7, 2020

Op-Ed: Nevada small businesses in need of liability protections

Stay-at-home orders and fear of the coronavirus have impacted businesses of every size, but especially our small employers. As new cases continue to rise in Nevada, businesses are not sure ...

By Randi Thompson
August 7, 2020

Op-Ed: Keep Michigan’s health care workers focused on saving lives

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, we are in it together. People from all walks of life have been severely impacted by COVID-19, physically, mentally and financially. And, people ...

By Nabil Suliman
August 6, 2020

Op-Ed: Ex-Mayor Glenda Hood: Congress must act now to save small business

Like many Americans who have had their lives upended by the COVID-19 pandemic, our small business community is suffering. The first wave of the pandemic, which saw large sectors of ...

By Glenda Hood
August 4, 2020

Op-Ed: Students, teachers, families and administrators want to return to learn. Here’s how Congress can work together to help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our way of life and will continue to do so in the near future. In March, our schools abruptly shut down, forcing our school districts ...

By Melinda Dunnwald
July 31, 2020

Letter from the American Council on Education

As colleges and universities assess how quickly and completely campuses can resume full operations, they are facing enormous uncertainty about COVID-19-related standards of care and corresponding fears of huge ...

By American Council on Education
July 29, 2020

Op-Ed: Bring certainty and sanity to Main Street

Just months ago, Arizona was tops in job creation and business formation, driven by a decade of successful economic policy and capital investment that created new opportunities and bettered the ...

By Hon. Eileen Klein
July 28, 2020

Op-Ed: The liability labyrinth

Since the first days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvania’s manufacturers and businesses and their employees have remained dedicated to their cause: producing essential products and offering essential services to ...

By Jim Gerlach
July 28, 2020

Letter from the School Superintendents, Educational Service Agencies, and National School Boards Association

Now is the time for Congress to take strong action to stop a growing wave of lawsuits from obstructing society’s attempts to regain healthy citizens and a strong economy. ...

By School Superintendents, Educational Service Agencies, and National School Boards Association
July 8, 2020

Letter from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The need for liability protections and relief is clear. Several governors and state legislatures have already implemented COVID-19-related liability protections for key sectors in their states, but a uniform ...

By U.S. Chamber of Commerce
May 27, 2020

Letter from the State Attorneys General

“As we reopen our economies, the need for a stable, predictable legal environment has never been greater. The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to create a surge in civil litigation targeting ...

By State Attorneys General
May 11, 2020

Letter from the Associations Representing Workers in Essential Industries

Providing businesses with targeted and limited safe harbors during these difficult times is not the same as shielding companies from all liability. We are not seeking to protect bad actors ...

By Associations Representing Workers in Essential Industries
May 3, 2020